Review - 07 May 2016

Overwhelming Applause for Bridgwater Choral Society

Saturday May 7th saw a concert produced by Bridgwater Choral Society in St Mary's Parish Church. Their programme contained two works, Mozart's Requiem and Haydn's Nelson Mass. The choir of some seventy strong, conducted impressively by Iain Cooper, were supported by a very able orchestra under their leader Brigid Kirkland-Wilson, and four soloists. Mary Morgan the soprano soloist, is well known locally for her beautiful and clear voice and also sings with the choir on other occasions.

It was a fine occasion in a striking church and produced much appreciation from its audience and reviewer, Andrew Gordon-Clarke:

"The men of the choir......were able to contribute worthily, and the ladies produced a fine, bright tone, with splendid attack on the occasions in both works when a sudden fortissimo is demanded. The quiet singing of the whole body, always a measure of a choir's quality, was beautifully sustained, balanced and sensitive. In between, crescendo and diminuendi were smoothly handled, and phrasing finely shaped.

In all it was a most rewarding evening. Iain (Cooper) deserves great credit for bringing his chorus up to scratch in a demanding performance. We are fortunate indeed in being able to enjoy performances of this quality in our Parish Church".

A former Radio Three producer attending the concert was impressed by the quality of the performance, commenting on the choir's "crisp entries".

Perhaps the applause spoke for everyone's enjoyment and appreciation of the entire evening. The clapping almost overwhelming, a clear indication of success.

The Choral Society welcomes new members and is delighted to share their love of music with audiences biannually in St Mary's. Come Along!