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Bridgwater Choral Society         

Ladies and Gentlemen, rehearsals for our next concert Handel's Messiah on Saturday 01st December at St Mary's Church, Bridgwater, will commence on Wednesday 05th September 2018 7.30 pm at St Joseph's School, Bridgwater. TA6 7EE which remains our rehearsal venue for this Season.  The A.G.M. will take place the following week Wednesday 12th September.  See you there!

Messiah Rehearsal Schedule  Autumn 2018
The Choruses in Messiah are:-                                                                                                            





 And The Glory



 And He Shall Purify



 O Thou That Tellest



 For Unto Us



 Glory To God



 His Yoke Is Easy



 Behold The Lamb Of God






 And With His Stripes



 All We Like Sheep 



 He Trusted In God 



 Lift Up Your Heads 



 Let Us Break Their Bonds






 Since By Man



 But Thanks Be To God



 Worthy Is The Lamb


 N.B. Page Numbers are for the Watkins Shaw Edition
They will be rehearsed as follows:-



 05th September 4,7,21,22,28,44
 12th September 7,21,22,28   
 19th September 7,21,22,26,28,51,53
 26th September 12,22,26,41,51,53
 03rd October 4,9,33,12,26,41
 10th October 22,25,41,51,53
 17th October 21,25,26,51,53
 24th October 4,9,17,22,24,28,41
 31st October 7,12,21,24,33,28,51,53
 07th November 7,12,21,26,33,41,51,53
 14th November 4,9,17,22,24,25,46
 21st November 26,28,33,41,44,46,51,53
 28th November ALL

All subject to the usual proviso that the schedule may have to be revised in the light of experince.
Please use this schedule to prepare yourself for each rehearsal.

We shall be aiming to sing the Hallelujah Chorus from memory (I suspect some of you can do this already ...)  
We shall also be making a start on the Brahms Song of Destiny for next term, as this is a great piece but unfamiliar.