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Bridgwater Choral Society

Autumn Term 2019 Rehearsal Schedule

We shall be working on four works this term. They are

Vivaldi Gloria (V)

V1: Gloria in excelsis; V2: Et in terra pax; V4 Gratias agimus tibi; V5 Propter magnam gloriam; V7

Domine fili; V8 Domine Deus; V9 Quitollis; V11 quoniam; V12 Cum sancto spiritu

Haydn –St. Nicholas Mass(H)

H1: Kyrie; H2Gloria; H3 Credo; H4 Sanctus; H6: Agnus Dei (NB the Osanna at the end of the

Benedictus is identical to that at the end of the Sanctus.)

Mozart – Regina Coeli (MRC)

Mozart – Coronation Mass (MCM)

MCM1: Kyrie; MCM2Gloria; MCM3 Credo; MCM4 Sanctus; MCM 5: Benedictus; MCM6: Agnus Dei

They will be rehearsed as follows, so please use this schedule to prepare for rehearsals.

September 4th V1,V11, V12; H2, H4; MRC;MCM1,MCM2:

September 11th V11, V12; ; H2:MCM2

September 18th V2;V11; V12; H1, H2; MRC: MCM 4; MCM5; MCM6

September 25th V2;V7; H1; H6: MCM1, MCM2;

October 2nd V2; V7:H3;MRC; MCM3

October 9th V4,V5, V7;H3;MCM1; MCM3

October 16th V4; V5V8; V9; H3; MRC: MCM4; MCM5; MCM6

October 23rd V4;V5:V8; V9;H1,H2, H6; MCM1; MCM2; MCM3

October 30th V1; V2; V4; V5: H4; H6;MRC: MCM4; MCM5; MCM6

November 6th V 7; V8; V9; V11; V12; H1; H2; H3; MCM1; MCM2; MCM3

November 13th V1; V2; V4; V5; H4; H6; MRC; MCM4; MCM5; MCM6

November 20th V 7; V8; V9; V11; V12: H1; H2; H3: MCM1; MCM2; MCM3

November 27th ALL

Here are links to cyberbass files of the individual voice parts of our four works which you may like to

download to help you learn your part.

Looking forward to another enjoyable term.